Sunday, November 20, 2005


Perhaps i am just too comfortable in dwelling in what has happened that i feel no need to let go. Perhaps the past binds me and i can't get myself out of it.

Ah fuck.

Today i search through Art Institute of Chicago's numerous halls as if searching for my answer amidst the paintings. Georges Seaurat's masterpiece, Sunday afternoon on the island of Le Grand Jatte, looms over me, giving nothing but its abstract beauty.

I wonder if io would have another episode of "Starry Night".

I feel nothing and everything.

What is it about the big 2-5 that makes you want to analyze everything that has happened, is happening and will be happening in your life? What is it about this magical age that makes you question every decision you have made, doubt every confidence that you have and simply make you fear of the inevitability of life?


Don't mind me. This too, shall pass....

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